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Primary Log Breakdown

The use of chipping heads is the more efficient high production rate of primary log breakdown. Chipping heads can be configured as two vertical with an optional bottom head and can have face mounted saw teeth for smooth surfaces.
Thin kerf guided circular saws in twin or quad configuration are close coupled to the chipping heads to produce two or four side cuts that are discharged towards the board edger. Centre two face cants go forward for further processing.
Electronic log scanning determines a log form and the optimizer program calculates the cutting profile.
A log is then turned and re-positioned by the log infeed for the optimized sawing position.
Various equipment for optimized primary log breakdown includes:

  • “V” chain log infeed through scan zone to the log turner.
  • Vertical (quad) roll log turner.
  • CCO log infeed with horizontal rolls.
  • Vertical roll infeed to two or three head chipping canters.
  • Chipping Canter model HE with two vertical chipping heads.
  • Bottom chipping module.
  • Twin and quad single or double arbour circular saws.
  • Sharp chain outfeed to separate cants and side cuts.
  • Positive cant turner.